Tommy is a member of the Darley Gang and antagonist in Death Sentence. He was portrayed by actor Freddy Bouciegues.

"It wasn't them Billy."






2007 (Aged: 27)


Member of the Darley Gang

First Appearance

Death Sentence

Portrayed By

Freddy Bouciegues


Against Nick HumeEdit

Tommy was a seasoned member of the Darley Gang and had been so for years. He was a good friend of Billy Darley and his younger brother Joe Darley. After Joe killed Nick Hume's son Brendan, Nick decided to drop the charges and get revenge himself. When Nick killed Joe, Tommy and the other members of the Darley Gang contemplated on who did it. After they realized it was Nick, they set out for revenge. Billy, Bodie, Heco and Tommy all set out to kill Nick as he left his office. However, Nick realized that he was about to be attacked and made a run for it. After a chase through many alleys and buildings, they found themselves looking for Nick in a multi-story parking garage. Tommy went to the top story by himself and looked for him. Nick attacked him and beat him to the ground. He then strapped him in the seat belt of a car and it rolled off the top of the parking garage killing Tommy.