Street Punk Car Thieves
Street Punk Car Thief 1
"Just get out of my fucking face, who are you?"


Both male


Black one: 1957, White one: 1961


Black one: 1985 (Aged: 28), White one: 1985 (Aged: 24)


Members of the Street Punk Gang

First Appearance

Death Wish 3

Portrayed By

Black one: Alan Cooke, White one: Bob Dysinger

The Street Punk Car Thieves were two members of the Street Punk Gang who tried to steal Paul Kersey's car and antagonists in Death Wish 3. The black one was portrayed by actor Alan Cooke and the white one was portrayed by actor Bob Dysinger.


Agianst Paul KerseyEdit

As Paul and Bennett Cross were having dinner with Eli and Erica Kaprov, they heard a loud noise coming from outside. Paul went outside to check the noise and noticed that the car he had bought as bait for Street Punks had attracted two of them who were trying to steal the car. Paul asked what the problem with the car was to which he got a hostile reaction from both of them. He tells them that it is his car and the black one tells Paul that they are going to kill him and the white one pulls out a switchblade. Paul then pulls out a gun and shoots them both. He then goes back inside the apartment to finish dinner.

White Street Punk Car ThiefEdit

Street Punk Car Thief 2

White Street Punk Car Thief