Street Mugger
Street Mugger
"I said turn around. Hand me the money."







First Appearance

Death Wish

Portrayed By

Hector Freeman

The Street Mugger was the first mugger that Paul Kersey encounteres and antagonist in Death Wish. He was portrayed by actor Hector Freeman.


Aginast Paul KerseyEdit

One day Paul visits the bank and gets 20 dollars in quarters. He puts the quarters in a sock and makes a weapon. One night while he is walking down the street he notices a few suspicious people and the Street Mugger sneaks up behiend him and demands money. He points a switchblade at Paul and tells him to turn around. When Paul turns around he hits him across the face with the sock of quarters causing him to fall on the ground and drop his switchblade. He stumbles to get up and runs away from Paul. He was one of the two muggers in Death Wish that Paul didn't kill.

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