Sam Kreutzer
Sam Kreutzer
"Thanks a lot Paul. I think I'll wait for the official report."




January 26th, 1927


One of Paul's co-workers at his architect firm

First Appearance

Death Wish

Portrayed By

William Redfield

Sam Kreutzer is one of Paul Kersey's co-workers at his architect firm and is somewhat of a friend to him in Death Wish. He was portrayed by actor William Redfield.


One of Paul's Co-WorkersEdit

Sam Kreutzer works along side Paul at his architect firm and they both seem to report to Henry who oversees a lot of the business operations of the firm. After Paul returned from vacation in Hawaii, he told Paul about the rising crime rates and jokingly suggested they stick the poorer residents of the city in concentration camps. Later after Paul is recovering from the death of his wife and his daughter being attacked Sam complimented Paul for coming into work saying that he wasn't the kind of person to leave the pieces of his life lying behind. Sam isn't a liberal like Paul and when the vigilante killings started occurring, he thought that they were justified. One evening Paul, Henry and him along with a few other co-workers at the architect firm were at a restaurant watching a news report where the district attorney and Lt. Frank Ochoa were having a press conference about the vigilante killings. Sam thought the city was lying about the crime rates not dropping although he wasn't sure enough to take a walk down a dangerous street at night like Paul suggested. Sam is more or less one of Paul's friends, but more so a co-worker. Although Paul isn't annoyed by him, he sometimes doesn't take what Sam says seriously.

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