Rosario was Paul Kersey's maid in Death Wish 2. She was a Hispanic woman. While Paul was sailing with his daughter Carol, Nirvana's gang drove to Kersey's house using the address from his wallet. Rosario was watching TV while they planned their burglary. Stomper distracted Rosario by pretending to be a delivery man.
While she was distracted, Cutter broke open the back door using a crowbar. Rosario tried to escape but the gang caught her and blocked the exits. They gagged and restrained her. Then they began taking turns raping her, eventually stripping her naked. Jiver and Stomper anally assaulted her while PunkCut and Cutter vaginally raped her. To add insult to injury, Nirvana then approached Rosario and forced her into oral sex, making sure she was filled to the brim with cum in every possible orifice. When Paul arrived home a sweaty and worn out Rosario tried to get to the phone, but Nirvana killed her with his crowbar.

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