Police Commissioner Dryer
Police Commissioner Dryer
"If this person is listening to my voice, I urge him in the name of law and order, to desist from this one man crusade, and turn himself in."




November 27th, 1918


Police Commissioner of New York City

First Appearance

Death Wish

Portrayed By

Stephen Elliot

Police Commissioner Dryer is the police commissioner of New York City who along with Lt. Frank Ochoa and District Attorney Peters tired to solve the vigilante case while at the same time keep it quiet in Death Wish. He was portrayed by actor Stephen Elliot.


Dealing With The Vigilante CaseEdit

Police Commissioner Dryer is the police commissioner of New York City and took to the vigilante case as soon as Paul Kersey's vigilante killings started occurring. PC Dryer assigned experienced detective Lt. Frank Ochoa to the case to find out who the vigilante is. For a while they have few leads but eventually they begin to start cornering suspects and have a lot of clues. At a press conference, PC Dryer and Lt. Ochoa tell the press that they have definite clues but don't know who the vigilante is and that whoever is the vigilante should stop and turn himself in. As the investigation continues, Lt. Ochoa corners Paul and eventually confirms that he must be the vigilante. PC Dryer and Lt. Ochoa talk to District Attorney Peters about the vigilante case and when asked if the vigilante is Paul, Lt. Ochoa says that he is certain he is. PC Dryer tells Lt. Ochoa that instead of arresting him, scare him into stopping or capture him without much attention because if he was arrested they would have a martyr and if he continued being a vigilante other citizens would begin imitating him. Lt. Ochoa reluctantly agrees and the investigation continues with Paul being under police surveillance. Eventually Paul is wounded in a shootout with the Stair Muggers and ends up in the hospital where PC Dryer tells Lt. Ochoa to tell Paul to leave the city.