O'Shea Gang
O'Shea Gang in factory
Chicki, Tommy and Sal.


New York's Fashion District


Tommy O'Shea


Late 1970's-1994


Italian American, Irish American



The O'Shea Gang is a New York City Irish and Italian crime family in Death Wish 5: The Face of Death. It is run by Tommy O'Shea who controls the New York fashion district rackets.


Before Paul KerseyEdit

The O'Shea Gang was created by Tommy O'Shea in the late 1970's after he climbed to the top of the Irish Gangs in New York over the years. His gang mostly controlled the Fashion District of New York muscling in on the clothing companies and fashion shows and collecting protection money from businesses throughout the area. After Olivia Regent divorced Tommy O'Shea, he moved in especially on her business to get back at her. He and his gangsters continued to harass and control her business until Paul Kersey came along.

Agianst Paul KerseyEdit

At a fashion show Tommy, Chicki Paconi and Sal Paconi were causing trouble with the workers in the factory for their low production rate. Tommy was harassing Olivia and Paul noticed it. Paul told Oliva to take him to Tommy in the factory and when they met Chicki confronted Paul with a gun. Later on Paul proposed to Olivia and she said yes, she went to the bathroom where Freddie "Flakes" disguised as a woman disfigured her. Paul and the police urged her to testify against him but before she could Freddie "Flakes", Chicki Paconi and Sal Paconi went to Olivia's house and tried to kill her and Paul. She was killed but Paul escaped. He was again asked to testify but after Tommy got custody of Olivia's daughter Chelsea, he went out for revenge. After Paul infiltrates Olivia's fashion factory where Tommy and his gang are held up, he defeated them and killed Tommy and rescued Chelsea.

Appearance and AttitudeEdit

O'Shea Gang

Members of the O'Shea Gang point at a young man who has a message for Tommy O'Shea.

Members of the O'Shea Gang usually dress in suits like typical mobsters. They sometimes wear sunglasses and either wear their suit jacket buttoned or unbuttoned. Despite Tommy O'Shea being Irish most of the members of the gang are Italian such as Chicki Paconi and Sal Paconi. It is unknown why most of the members are Italian but it likely that Tommy O'Shea thinks that they are better enforcers. The O'Shea Gang although not apart of the Italian Mafia is still very much involved in organized crime. They control the New York Fashion District rackets and collect protection money from the business owners in the fashion district. They are a ruthless gang and had a firm control on police corruption in the city which is how Tommy O'Shea kept getting away with his crimes. Even with their grip over the city their ruthless and careless nature led them to be killed by Paul Kersey. Although Paul killed Tommy O'Shea and most members of the gang it is still possible that the gang lived on.

Known MembersEdit