Nirvana (Charles Wilson)
"You want her, take her in the bedroom."




November 9th, 1955


1982 (Aged: 26)


Leader of Nirvana's Gang

First Appearance

Death Wish 2

Portrayed By

Thomas F. Duffy

Nirvana (Charles Wilson) is the leader of Nirvana's Gang who killed Paul Kersey's maid and daughter Carol and is the main antagonist in Death Wish 2. He is potrayed by actor Thomas F. Duffy.


Early LifeEdit

Nirvana had been a criminal either before or during Paul Kersey's arrival in Los Angeles. At an unknown date, Nirvana started a gang whose activites involved drug distribution, murder, rape, robbery and other criminal activites. He has a long criminal record and has spent time in jail. He has a yellow panel van which he used to transport his gang. At some point, he became addicted to hardcore drugs, like Phencyclidine (PCP) and methamphetamines. The gang chose an abandoned building for their hideout.  'Phencyclidine'Phencyclidine

Against Paul KerseyEdit


Nirvana's demise.

When Paul Kersey arrives in Los Angeles in 1982 he notices that crime is no different in Los Angeles than it is in New York City. Nirvana and his gang break into Paul's house and rape and kill his maid and daughter. Out for revenge, Paul follows them at night to where they're buying guns. Paul manages to kill all of the members of Nirvana's gang with the help of Lt. Frank Ochoa before escaping the police. Nirvana kills Lt. Frank Ochoa and manages to escape, afterwards, Paul tracks Nirvana back to Nirvana's apartment, where the police are closing in on him. Nirvana, hopped up on PCP, tries to escape from the police by tackling and punching them, even hit by a tazer, Nirvana keeps tackling and punching police officers until he is aprehended. Nirvana manages to keep from going to prison on charges of insanity, and he is sentenced to stay in a mental hospital. Paul arrives disguised as a doctor , after an intense fight between Paul and Nirvana, Paul manages to dodge one of Nirvana's punches and Nirvana punches an electricity output, causing Paul to electrocute him to death. Paul then flees the scene with the hospital attendant sparing him from prosecution.


Nirvana is a crazy, violent, impulsive, drug-addicted, and ruthless criminal. He uses his large 6ft 3in physique to his advantage when attacking or fighting someone. His powerful size and seldom drug impulsed mind often lead to him doing extremely violent things. He is not above sacrificing the lives of his own gangmembers to save his own life. His violent, careless behavior lead to his death at the hands of Paul Kersey. Like all members of the gang, he compusively rapes and kills women. He is the only member of the gang competent enough to lead without being distracted by the gangs activites, as he had to order the others to take Rosario into the bedroom. He is mainly well-built, strong, and extremely flexible, contridictory to his height. He shows no mercy like the others, and will not hesitate to commit crimes no matter the severity, but keeps a low profile. His own nickname reflects the fact that he uses drugs on occasion.