Lt. Briggs
Lt. Briggs
"I'd be less than honest if I gave you more hope Mr. Kersey."






Police Lieutenant

First Appearance

Death Wish

Portrayed By

Edward Grover

Lt. Briggs is the police lieutenant assigned to find the men who killed Paul Kersey's wife Joanna and attacked his daughter Carol in Death Wish. He was portrayed by actor Edward Grover.


Paul Kersey's CaseEdit

Lt. Briggs was the police lieutenant assigned to find the men who attacked Paul Kersey's family. He was introduced to Paul by Officer Joe Charles after Paul came to the 21st precinct to get more information about the case. Paul asked him if there was any new information about the case and Lt. Briggs explained to him that the likely culprits were three suspicious looking men who were at the market on the same say that Paul's wife and daughter were there and got the address from the groceries that were supposed to be delivered to their apartment. Paul asked him if there was a chance that they could be caught and although Lt. Briggs said there was a chance they would be found, it was slim. In the end, the men were never caught. The ineffectiveness of the police along with many other things eventually led Paul to become a vigilante.

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