Kathryn Davis
Kathryn Davis
"I don't understand, you have cause to press charges, sue."




March 13th, 1953


1985 (Aged: 32)


Public Defender, Paul Kersey's girlfriend

First Appearance

Death Wish 3

Portrayed By

Deborah Raffin

Kathryn Davis was a public defendant in New York City who became Paul Kersey's girlfriend in Death Wish 3. She was portrayed by Deborah Raffin.


Public Defendant and Paul Kersey's GirlfriendEdit

Kathryn was a public defendant in New York City who felt that she needed to protect those who she thought were being intimidated and treated unfairly by law enforcement. When she met Paul Kersey, he was under the alias Jack Kimble and she was assigned to defend him if he wanted to press charges for being wrongfully arrested. Unknown to her, Lt. Richard Shriker had let Paul go because they had made a deal for Paul to get rid of members of the Street Punk Gang. At first Paul had little interest in talking to Kathryn but eventually she tracked him down and asked him out. Paul came over to her house and they discussed law and justice and things like that. Kathryn sometimes hated her job. She didn't like defending creeps. Kathryn had considered moving away from New York and living with her sister. Unkwon to Paul, Angel and Manny were following him in their car. Later she and Paul had another date and they decided to go out to eat after they slept together. Paul told her about his dead wife and daughter. On the way there as Paul stopped to check his mail, Manny Fraker and Angel attacked her and pushed the car down the road where it crashed into another car and exploded. Paul soon ran out and saw what happened and then left the scene. Kathryn had become a target of the Street Punk Gang because of Paul's actions against them and they killed her for revenge.

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