Karen Sheldon
Karen Sheldon
"Well it better be worth it. Where should I meet you?"




March 4th, 1953


1987 (Aged: 34)


Journalist, Paul Kersey's girlfriend

First Appearance

Death Wish 4: The Crackdown

Portrayed By

Kay Lenz

Karen Sheldon is Erica Sheldon's mother and Paul Kersey's girlfriend in Death Wish 4: The Crackdown. She was portrayed by actress Kay Lenz.


As Paul Kersey's girlfriendEdit

Karen Sheldon was a journalist for a local paper who was trying to get more information about the usage of crack among people in the United States. She began dating Paul at some point who was beloved by her and her daughter Erica Sheldon. After Erica is rushed to the hospital after an oversode of cocaine and dies, both Karen and Paul are sadended but Karen is especially saddened. Karen blames herself for Erica's death. Paul comforts her and tells her that in time it will get better. Paul tells Karen to stop blaming herself and to write about cocaine and do something. As Karen tries to get a better understanding of the crack trade, she talks to Jesse who purposley gives her information that will later lead her to being kidnapped by the Fake Nathan White. As Paul continues to take down the Romero Brothers Cartel and Ed Zacharias's Cartel, Karen continues to investigate the drug trade in Los Angeles. After Paul is betrayed by the Fake Nathan White, in an attempt to lure Paul into a trap and kill him, the Fake Nathan White arranges her kidnapping. Jesse calls her and offers her information on the drug trade and tells her to meet her outside her office. Once she is outside she is kidnapped and taken hostage at a roller rink. Paul is lured to the roller rink he knows it is a trap and suprises the Fake Nathan White's men by blowing up their van. He fights his was up to the Fake Nathan White who is using Karen as a human shield. After he warns Paul not to come any closer, Karen gets away and the Fake Nathan White shoots her with his Uzi. As the Fake Nathan White reminds Paul that he warned him he would kill her, Paul aims his grenade launcher at the Fake Nathan White and blows him up. Paul then gets away before the police arrive after Det. Sid Reiner lets him go.

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