Joanna Kersey
Joanna Kersey
"My purse is in the kitchen."




November 28th, 1931


1974 (Aged: 43)


Paul Kersey's Wife

First Appearance

Death Wish

Portrayed By

Hope Lange

Joanna Kersey is Paul Kersey's first wife who was killed by the Freaks in Death Wish. Her death along with his daughter Carol Kersey's sexual assault and being left in a traumatized state is what led Paul to become a vigilante. She was portrayed by actress Hope Lange.


Life Before the Attack Edit

Joanna Hastings was born in Cleveland, Ohio on November 28th, 1931 and first met Paul at Princeton. They married in 1950 and their daughter Carol was born in 1951. Paul and Joanna had a good marrige that lasted for many years. She and Paul went on vacation to Hawaii in 1974 and upon returning to New York she and Carol left their address to have a box of groceries delivered to their house only to have it be found by a group of three hoodlums who found their house.

The AttackEdit

When the three hoodlums found their house Carol went to awnser the door as they posed as grocery delivery men. After they broke in they attacked Joanna and Carol and demanded her to give them money. After Carol said her purse was in the kitchen they only found $7 and wanted more money. After Joanna said she didn't have anymore money they beat her and before she passed out she wittnessed them rape Carol. Joanna later died from her wounds in the hospital. Once Paul found out about this he was devestated and tried to find the people responsible but was unable. This attack was what made him become a vigilante.

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