Cattle Rancher

First Appearance

Death Wish

Portrayed By


Jed is a cattle rancher in Tuscon, Arizona and minor character in Death Wish. It is unknown who portrayed him.


Jed is a cattle rancher who presumably has a cattle ranch or at least a cattle trail on or near the Jainchill Real Estate development that Ames Jainchill and Paul Kersey and his architect firm are trying to build a new development on. Ames and Paul's firm can't seem to agree on the layout because Ames want's to keep a lot of land free for ranchers like Jed. When Ames and Paul are surveying the land, Jed is leading a heard of cattle right past them and over a hill. It is unknown weather or not he and Ames are friends although Ames does seem to know him personally in some way presumably from the fact that either he made friends with him because of Jed's cattle trail through the land or Jed could have sold the land to Ames to build the development.

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