"Your mine now bitch!"




July 17th, 1965


1985 (Aged: 20)


Member of the Street Punk Gang

First Appearance

Death Wish 3

Portrayed By

Alex Winter

Hermosa is a member of the Street Punk Gang and antagonist in Death Wish 3. He is portrayed by actor Alex Winter.


Agiasnt Paul KerseyEdit

Hermosa is first seen beating up Charley with The Giggler, and Angel. He and the other Street Punks escape the scene and Paul Kersey is wrongfully arrested for the murder. Hermosa is later seen with a group of Street Punks on a street corner until Rodriguez's wife Maria stops by in a car. Hermosa jumps on the car and rides on the hood harrassing Maria through the windsheild of the car until she stops in a parking garage. Hermosa tries to pull her out of her car and rape her but Paul arrives at the scene and hits him with a lead pipe. Hermosa is seen with other Street Punks throughout the film and he participates in some of the revenge killings and attacks by the Street Punk Gang agianst Paul and the residents of East New York. In the riot that pitteded the Street Punk Gang agianst the residents of East New York, Hermosa tries to snipe Paul with a shotgun only to be killed by Lt. Richard Shriker. He seems to have been a high ranking member of the Street Punk Gang because of all of the times he participates in revenge killings and attacks. He is never seen giving orders though so if he is high ranking he is below other members of the Street Punk Gang such as Manny Fraker and The Giggler.