Gerri Nichols
Gerri Nichols
"Killing Muggers?"




April 24th, 1936


News Reporter, Paul Kersey's girlfriend and fiance

First Appearance

Death Wish 2

Portrayed By

Jill Ireland

Geri Nichols was Paul Kersey's girlfriend and later fiance in Death Wish 2. She was portrayed by actress Jill Ireland.


As Paul Kersey's Girlfriend and FianceEdit

Geri Nichols was a news reporter for a radio station in Los Angeles known for their liberal and investigative reporting. She met Paul when he was living in Chicago and they started dating. Eventually Paul decided to move to Los Angeles with her and relocate his business there. Geri was around Paul and his daughter Carol a lot and her presence seemed to ease the burden a bit for the both of them. When Nirvana's Gang broke into Paul's house and kidnapped his daughter on their way out, she was just as devastated as Paul. Later, when they discovered Carol had died after trying to escape from the gang Geri tried to comfort Paul. Although he seemed to move on, Paul was secretly hunting down the members of the gang. When Paul asked her to marry him she was happy and accepted excitedly. Geri wasn't aware of his current or past vigilante activities until Lt. Frank Ochoa arrived in Los Angeles to help with the vigilante case. He broke into her apartment and made her suspicious that Paul was the vigilante that was killing the members of the gang. Paul denied this and Geri seemed to believe him. Later after the leader of the gang, Nirvana, was arrested, Paul and Geri went to the mental institution he was locked up in. Paul took a copy of a doctor's ID card and used it to later sneak in and kill Nirvana. Once Geri heard about this, she realized Paul was the vigilante and she left the city. She was very liberal and believed in treating criminals psychologically rather than killing them or sending them to jail. She was disgusted that Paul would kill Nirvana.