Dream Rapists
Dream Rapists
"Who the fuck are you?"


All three male







First Appearance

Death Wish 4: The Crackdown

Portrayed By

Gary Rooney, J.P. Romano, Tony Borgia

The Dream Rapists are three masked rapists who Paul Kersey had a dream about. In the dream he stopped them from raping a woman only to reveal that one of the rapists was him. This caused him to question his vigilante activities. They were portrayed by Gary Rooney, J.P. Romano and Tony Borgia although it is unknown who portrayed who because they are almost impossible to tell apart.


Paul Kersey's DreamEdit

In Paul's dream, a woman is having trouble starting her car in an empty parking garage when she notices a man standing alone looking at her. She tries to start it and when she looks up again a second man is standing there. She tries to start it again and when she looks up again a third man is standing there. She frantically tries to start it again when she looks up and notices that they are gone. Soon she sees one of them looking into her car and all three of them begin smashing windows and try to force their way into the car. After they break into the car they drag her out and one gets on top of her. He begins beating her and tearing her clothes off but looks up when he notices another man standing there alone. He walks closer and it is revealed to be Paul. Paul starts shooting them killing two of the rapists instantly. He shoots the other one a few times as he stumbles over to the parking garage entrance only to have Paul close the entrance. He begs for his life but Paul shoots him. When Paul turns the body over it is revealed to be him. This caused Paul to wake up from his dream terrified. It later led him to question his vigilante activities.

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