Death Wish 3 (Video Game) is a video game based on Death Wish 3. It was released on September 9th, 1986
Death Wish 3 video game

Death Wish 3 Video Game box cover.

for the Comadore 64, Amstrad CPC, MSX and ZX Spectrum and was published and developed by Gremlin Interactive.


In the game you take control of Paul Kersey on the streets of East New York in a free roam where you can fight members of the Street Punk Gang, destroy property or kills civilians. The game features multiple weapons and items. The game was one of the goriest games of it's time containing blood whenever you killed someone. It is the only video game based on a movie in the Death Wish series. The box cover is based on the movie poster and some versions are in color while others are in black and white.

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