Death Wish 2 is a soundtrack album by British guitarist Jimmy Page created for the 1982 film Death Wish 2.


Jimmy Page was asked by his next door neighbor Michael Winner to do the soundtrack for Death Wish 2 in only
Death Wish 2 Soundtrack

Death Wish 2 album cover.

a few weeks. After seeing the film, Jimmy and a few other musicians got to work on the soundtrack and had it completed to Michael Winner's liking. Jimmy was a guitarist for the band Led Zeppelin and gave the soundtrack a lot of rock influences. Jimmy wasn't paid for doing the soundtrack and the manager of Led Zeppelin used it as a way for him to get his creativity back because he had been depressed. The soundtrack was a success and Jimmy went on to compose the music for Death Wish 3.

Track ListingEdit

Side One:

1. Who's to Blame

2. The Chase Page

3. City Sirens Page

4. Jam Sandwich

5. Carole's Theme

6. The Release Side

Side Two:

1. Hotel Rats and Photostats

2. A Shadow in the City

3. Jill's Theme

4. Prelude

5. Big Band, Sax, and Violence

6. Hypnotizing Ways (Oh Mamma)

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