• Kingofawosmeness777


    In 1999, five years after the events of Death Wish 5: The Face of Death, Paul Kersey and his adopted daughter Chelsea Regent are living in Jersey City, New Jersey. Chelsea begins dating a mobster in the local Soprano Crime Family. As Chelsea continues to date him, she becomes more and more involved in the family. One night, she and the mobster go out for dinner where some members of the Soprano Crime Family show up and kill him and Chelsea for him selling drugs behind the family's back. The next day, Paul finds out that Chelsea has been killed and after he finds out it was the Soprano Crime Family who was responsible, Paul tries to get the police to help. Once the police inform him that there is no evidenc…

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  • Kingofawosmeness777
    • Ames Jainchill
    • Jack Toby
    • Sam Kreutzer one of Pau's co workers
    • (maybe a few other characters from Death Wish)
    • Lt. Mankiewicz
    • Rosario
    • Gun dealer
    • Sniper in the tree that Lt. Ochoa killed
    • (maybe a few other characters from Death Wish 2)
    • Female Punk
    • Maria
    • Eli Kaprov
    • Erica Kaprov
    • Emil
    • Emil's wife
    • Manny's lawyer
    • (maybe a few other characters from Death Wish 3)
    • Erica Sheldon
    • Randy Viscovich
    • Joe he guy who was Frank Baugg's chauffeur
    • The dream mugger's rape victim
    • The Bartender
    • (maybe a few other characters from Death Wish 4)
    • Tony Hoyle
    • Lt. Mickey King
    • Chelsea Regent
    • Al the factory manager
    • Reg the factory worker
    • Paul's housekeeper
    • Frankie
    • Mickey
    • Angel
    • (maybe a few more characters from Death Wish 5)
    • Helen Hume
    • Luke Hume
    • Brendan Hume
    • Detective Wallis
    • Bodie
    • Heco
    • Baggy
    • Jamie
    • Spink
    • Dog
    • Owen one …
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  • Gexster

    1.Carol Kersey

    2.Joanna Kersey

    3.Gerri Nichols

    4.Karen Sheldon

    5.Olivia Regent

    6.Kathryn Davis

    7.Richard Shriker

    8.Det Reiner


    8.Brian Hoyle

    and many more

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  • Gexster

    Villians Left to do

    August 4, 2011 by Gexster

    Here is the list.

    1.Frank Boggs

    2.Max Green

    3.Ed's bodyguards Art Senellla, Jack Steiner, and the other guy played by Danny Trejo\

    4.Manny Fraker's girlfriend with red hair

    5.First Mugger Paul hits

    6.Street Punks stealing car

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  • Kingofawosmeness777


    April 25, 2011 by Kingofawosmeness777

    In the world of urban movie vigilantes there are three contenders. Paul Kersey, Harry Callahan, and Travis Bickle. But which one is the best? I personally think Paul kersey is the best. But Harry Callahan and Travis Bickle are just a good. Who would you want protecting your streets?

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