Andrew McCabe
Andrew McCabe
"We roughed him up a bit before the cops arrived."




October 26th, 1931


Head Foreman at a construction site in New York City.

First Appearance

Death Wish

Portrayed By

Hank Garrett

Andrew McCabe is the head foreman at a construction site in New York City who's construction workers, inspired by Paul Kersey's vigilantism, gave a brutal beating to a man attepting to mug someone near the construction site. He was portrayed by actor Hank Garrett.


Fighting Back Agianst CriminalsEdit

As Paul watched a news report about how his vigilantim was inspiring citizens of New York City to fight back agianst criminals, Andrew McCabe was asked by a news reporter how he and his construction crew fought off a mugger. He explained that many men form his crew roughed up the mugger before the police came but in the dramatization it is shown that the construction crew beat him brutially giving him two broken arms, a broken jaw and cracked ribs. After the news reported tells Andrew McCabe about the mugger's injuries he tries to make it seem as if he dosen't know how he got them and said that he must of fell. The consttuction crew's violent reaction agianst the mugger was fueled by them being fed up with crime and being inspired by Paul's vigilantism in the city.

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