Alley Muggers
Alley Muggers
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All three Male


Black Jacket: September 4th, 1953, Brown Jacket: 1955, Green Jacket: December 28th, 1954


Black Jacket: 1974 (Aged: 21), Brown Jacket: 1974 (Aged: 19), Green Jacket: 1974 (Aged: 20)



First Appearance

Death Wish

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The Alley Muggers were a group of three muggers Paul Kersey encountered one night in an alley.


Against Paul KerseyEdit

As Paul was walking down a sidewalk he noticed a group of three hoodlums beating up an old man. He walked closer to investigate but was noticed by them and they came closer to him. After a brief standoff Paul pulled out his .32 Colt Police Positive and shot all three of them. Two of them died instantly but one tried to climb a fence, only to be shot dead. Paul then ran away from the scene. The man who was being beat up claimed that he didn't see what the vigilante looked like when being questioned by Hank when the police arrived to investigate. When Lt. Ochoa arrived and told Hank to leave, he himself asks him if he saw him good. When getting a negative answer, Ochoa told him that he's "full of shit". This vigilante killing sparked a lot of attention from the media unlike the killing of Thomas Leroy Marston.