Al Arroyo
Al Arroyo
"It's Alex."






1987 (Aged: 46)


Enforcer in Ed Zacharias's Cartel

First Appearance

Death Wish 4: The Crackdown

Portrayed By

Daniel Sabia

Al Arroyo is an enforcer in Ed Zacharias's Cartel and antagonist in Death Wish 4: The Crackdown. He was portrayed by actor Daniel Sabia.


Against Paul KerseyEdit

Al Arroyo is first seen at Ed Zacharias's lavish birthday patrolling the grounds with him. After Ed Zacharias gets a call from someone named Alex he is informed that Vince Montono stole drugs from him. Ed Zacharias tells him to go find Vince and bring him to the lounge, where Ed Zacharias and Nick Franco are talking to Jack Romero and Tony Romero about Jojo Ross's murder. Ed Zacharias asks Vince about his trip to Columbia and tells him that he was right about the shipment of coccaine being light. Zacharias then kills Vince with a butchery knife for stealing his coccaine shipment. They all hear the door close to the restroom where Paul Kersey is listening in on their conversation. Ed Zacharias asks Paul to help Arroyo dispose of Vince's corpse - while silently signaling Arroyo to kill Paul afterwards. When they get in the garage and finish putting Vince's body inside a car's trunk, Arroyo pulls out a gun. Paul hits him in the chest with a crowbar and kills him by chopping his head off with the car's trunk cover. Paul then escapes.

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